1. Veoma ljubazna, predusetljiva i komunikativna žena koja nas je vodila kroz Samenište. Mnogo nepoznatih detalja smo saznali, mnogo podataka o Valenciji Huanu Riberi dobili. Primer kako treba prikazati kulturno nasleđe grada!

    Very friendly, attentive and communicative woman who led us through the Seminario. Many unknown details we learned about Valencia, a lot of information about Juan de Ribera we get. An example of how to display the cultural heritage of the city!

    All praise!!!!

  2. sehr interessante Führung, unkomplizierte Buchung, ein verborgener schatz in Valencia, David war ein hervorragender guide!

  3. We had never thought that this monument would be so majestic. The visit is very detailed indeed and wonderfully organized. We spent a great time knowing this unique cultural site in the city of Valencia.

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